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Simply put your feet up

Now is time for well-being. Forget day to day life, put your feet up and really relax. When we completely renovated the attic floor of the building into a real spa temple, we had a vision of complete relaxation and thoroughly happy guests. This vision has now become a reality.

Finnish Sauna

Sweat until you experience total well-being. In our Finnish sauna you sweat at a temperature between 90 - 95°C and get rid of everything that your skin does not need. When doing the infusion, you will see who can stand the heat.

BIO Sauna

For those who do not like it quite so hot, can enjoy our organic sauna. At a temperature of 50 - 60°C, you do not get up quite such a sweat, but the high humidity of 95% ensures that there is a very healthy and soothing effect.

Steam Bath

Water steam has a tremendous soothing effect. The temperature is not so paramount here, but the high humidity. Allergy sufferers and asthmatics have their true joy in the steam room, when the steam passes over their bronchi.

Quiet room and rooftop terrace

After all that sweating, some peace and quiet is in order. Regardless of which sauna and at how many degrees you have sweated, you have earned your peace and quiet. Lie down, lie back and enjoy the great panorama from the roof terrace to round off your day.

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